What Is A Diver’s Watch?

a-divers-watchDiver’s watches have been “cool” for a long time. Just like children like to compete about how water resistant their watches are, and which one can go under water further, the high-end watches compete on a much higher scale. Diver’s watches are more than just tools used for divers, they’re statements by themselves, often worn by people with no intention to go diving.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, it’s just the way it is with luxury.

What Exactly Is A Diver’s Watch?

There’s a criteria that needs to be met before a watch can be classified as a Diver’s watch. Various metrics, such as water resistance and functionality need to be met, and there are many other traits that are typical among the various designs as well.

Most importantly of all, the watch must be able to “dive”.

Water Resistance

A diver’s watch needs to be water resistant for at least 100m (330 feet). Many of them can go a lot further, but if it can’t handle 100m, it’s not a Diver’s watch.

The Rolex Submariner, considered one of the best Diver’s watches out there, is water resistant to over 300 meters (1,000 feet), and the TAG Heuer Aquaracer is too.

Time Controller

Another requisite of a watch being classed “Diver’s” is that it must have a time controller. This is so that anyone underwater using oxygen tanks can time how long they’ve been down. Naturally, this must be separate from the normal watch features and must be very reliable.

Many diving watches utilize the chronograph to achieve this. The chronograph typically has three additional dials, (seconds, minutes, hours) which are activated and reset with manual buttons on the side, much like a stopwatch.

Adjustable Strap/Bracelet

This is a feature in many watches, not just Diver’s ones, but it would be very strange to see a watch calling itself a Diver’s watch that had omitted this function.

By having an adjustable strap (see picture below), you’re able to place your watch over a wet-suit without any difficulty, making it incredibly practical.

Another option would be to use velcro, but this can come undone underwater, and isn’t the most attractive accessory either.

High Quality Stainless Steel

To fight against seawater, diver’s watches need to be made with high quality stainless steel. This is one reason why many of them cost so much, although you can find some cheaper ones in the Citizen range (for example), which are still made with decent quality steel.

Are They Only For Divers?

Not at all. While it would be obvious to assume that only diver’s wear these types of watches, that would be far from the truth. Many of the most popular watches in the world are classed as Diver’s watches, even if they have never been underwater. I wore my first one for years before I even realized it met the criteria!

They make excellent dress pieces, statements, and whatever else the requirements of the wearer. With such a wide variety available, it makes sense that the primary function for most people is fashion only.

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