The Breguet Marine Review

breguet marine

The Breguet Marine watch is a respected name in the brands of luxury watches all over the world. The watch is one of the most beautifully engineered watches out in the market. The vital stats about the watch is as follows:

Case: stainless steel, 39mm

Water Resistance: up to 100 m

Thickness: 11.82mm

Power reserve: 65 hours

Indications: Hours, Minutes, Big Date and Central seconds.

Rate: 4hz (28,800 bph)

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Here, in this article, we will provide you with a Breguet marine review. Please go through those points below.

The Design:

The Marine watch has a great 39mm case made of stainless steel. This fact may leave you with a little bit of a surprise as it has a tendency to wear down. If we look at the overall design of the watch, we can see how wonderfully it combines cues from the classical Breguet dress inspired watches with even more sporting elements.

The greatest thing about the design is that, the watch looks more like a fabulous sports watch, but it still is perfect for any special occasion or daily routine hours. you can wear it wherever you like without thinking twice. This watch is a great example of the term “Smart Casual”.

The Case:

The detailing on the Breguet marine cases of are always a fascinating thing to look for. The beautiful case is magnificently polished on all the surfaces and it features a unique double stepped bezel. All the sides of the case are fluted in the special traditional fashion that is the trademark of Breguet. You should also note that the fluting is actually created by special cold rolling onto the Breguet case before they gave the finishing touch by hand.

The Crown Screw:

The crown screw in the crown of this beautiful Breguet watch is signed with the famous B which is actually from the logo. The “B” is then protected by two very interesting curved guards for the crown.

The Breguet watch is also rated to withstand pressure up to 100m deep in water. The crystal of the crown is also uncoated but it is slightly domed which actually helps in reducing the reflections somewhat. It basically tops off the Breguet watch at a pretty impressive thickness of 11.82mm.

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The Strap:

The strap of the Breguet marine watch is highly secured with a special deployant clasp. This clasp itself is perfectly adjusted with a really oversized buckle and a tang and two large sized steel loops.

You may like it or not, but this definitely makes the watch something very different. For most other variations of the watch, the strap is actually held by a screwed bar rather than a spring bar. The belt or the strap is definitely secure. But if you want to change the straps or the belts, then you might find a lot difficulty there.

The Lugs:

The lugs are carefully welded onto that Breguet case and they are quite large, larger than you might have expected them to be. But as they are made to fit the wrist perfectly, it should not be a concern for you. On the wrist, this actually feels quite comfortable, and according to existing users, it fits like a dream.

The Dial:

Now we come to the most important part of the Breguet marine watch, the dial of it. Breguet’s dials are specially made of pure solid gold and they are engine turned by expert workers on a rose lathe. After that only, they are silvered. These Breguet watches use a special guilloche pattern.

However this pattern is as beautiful as it can get. The wavy spiral is mesmerising and plays with the light in so many interesting ways. You can easily get distracted by the beauty of it and don’t feel surprised when you see people moving around you, concentrated only on your watch!


So, overall, the Breguet marine watch is definitely the luxury watch you have been looking for. The looks are great and so is the performance. The whole watch is crafted with utmost of care and the brand name of Breguet is enough to make you believe in the quality of the watch.

The movement of the watch in your wrist will feel heavenly and you will be proud of owning that gadget for yourself. The base and the tiny machinery are engineered with great care and precision to make you feel a proud owner of it. You can buy them online in So, don’t sweat over it anymore and get your edition of Breguet marine watch today! We hope this Breguet marine review will help you decide in buying your next Breguet marine watch.

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