TAG Heuer Watch Prices Are Excellent

When I first became interested in luxury brands, TAG Heuer watch prices were one of the first things that I noticed. Compared with a Rolex or other luxury brand, TAGs are pretty inexpensive, but still have that luxury quality and feel about them.

I’d say that they are the best “entry-level” luxury watches, based on these prices. You could get one for around $750 USD, with most of the more popular models costing closer to $1,500 USD at a place like Amazon and some going for closer to $10,000.

Average TAG Heuer Watch Prices

As mentioned above, most models will cost between $1,000 to $1,500 USD. Our favorite models, showcased here, typically run in that range too.

However, you can also find ones for $9,500 USD, such as the Monaco Chronograph (featured below) and some of the more stylish models like the Carrera (Also below), will cost around $5,000.

It depends on your style choice and budget which one you go for. I’d be as equally happy with a Monaco as one of the cheaper Formula 1’s.

Carrera Calibre 1887 Chronograph


$4,149 at Amazon (Save 34%)

Monaco Chronograph


$9,547 at Amazon (Save 29%)

Formula-1 Chronograph


$1,350 at Amazon

Variety In Pricing, Variety In Design

As with all Luxury items, the variation in pricing just comes down to the materials used, the craftsmanship required, and the style and design.

What’s interesting is that the cheaper “Formula-1” model actually has some very cutting-edge technology, based on Formula-1 cars technology. The ceramics around the dial aren’t present in any other type of watch, and makes TAG Heuers incredibly lightweight and highly scratch resistant. TAG Heuer is definitely one of the more innovative watchmakers out there and even their cheaper models are top quality.

After all, $1,000 is still an expensive watch.

Discount Hunting

Amazon is the cheapest (and most trustworthy) place that I’ve found to shop for watches. They normally have large discounts which lead to savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars when it comes to TAG Heuer watch prices, and with Amazon you know that your product is going to actually turn up, which is the main reason why they’re the number one online retailers.

If you’re unsure which particular model to choose or how the third-party Amazon vendors stack up, drop me a line in the comments section below and we can discuss it.