TAG Heuer Aquaracer Chronograph


What Makes The Aquaracer Chronograph Special?

The Aquaracer Chronograph has all the quality, reliability, and class of the Aquaracer series, with the added Chronograph function.

This is truly a watch that could be classed a diver’s watch before a sailing watch. If a timepiece doesn’t have a chronograph or other method for manual time keeping (for tracking oxygen supply mainly), then it can’t be classed a dive watch. This one can.

The Aquaracer series is well known for its high visibility underwater or crashing through waves, and the chronograph takes that further. You might be surprised to learn that some chronographs are barely readable, being more of a gimmick than anything else. That’s not the case with this one.

While this is not a ceramic variation, the high quality, ability to perform under extreme conditions, and typical TAG Heuer style makes this an excellent watch for anybody involved in water activities.

To be honest, it’s a great watch in general. You don’t need to be a regular water-goer to enjoy its features, particularly the style and comfort.

More About The Chronograph

TAG Heuer claims the chronograph has accuracy up to 1/10th of a second, which is about standard for a high quality chronograph. The main advantages are the design and readability, allowing you to get a read without having to stop and stare for a few seconds. It might not be as large as the Rolex Cosmograph, but it’s still got a great function.

What I like the most about the Chronograph is that TAG Heuer have put a lot of effort into making it large enough to read, yet compact and contrasting enough to be stylish. It stands out from the crowd, that’s for sure.

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