Rolex Sea Dweller vs Submariner

rolex sea dweller vs submariner

The Rolex Sea Dweller and Submariner lines are beautiful diver’s watch lines that feature some of the most durable watches around. These are watches designed to handle water and can go hundreds of meters down into the water and still work.

However, these two lines are different from one another in a variety of ways. These are both ideal for divers but they have their own features that make them different for particular uses. Let’s find out which watch comes out on top when compared side by side. Behold, The Rolex Sea Dweller vs Submariner.

About the Watches

The Submariner came first as a watch for divers in 1954. It was made with a sturdy case that can handle intense depths while keeping time of how long someone is underwater for.

The Rolex Sea Dweller was introduced a little later in 1971. It was made to be thicker and stronger as it can handle deeper water depths while using a unique escape valve that suits the needs of those who go several thousands of feet underwater.



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How Experienced Do You Have to Be?

Rolex designed the Sea Dweller and Submariner watches for people of different skill levels. The Submariner line is more for recreational divers. This is thanks to the Submariner watches featuring depth ratings of about a thousand feet on average. This makes it appropriate for all kinds of amateur diving needs.

The Sea Dweller watch is more for advanced divers and those who really want to get out deep into the waters to find hidden treasures and unspoiled lands. The Sea Dweller line of watches features options that have depth ratings of 2,000 to 5,000 feet in most instances.

In fact, the Sea Dweller line has a new model called the DEEPSEA watch that has a depth rating of 12,800 feet. This is thanks to the watch using a one-way gas escape valve. This lets helium get out of the watch without causing the watch to wear out during the decompression process.

How Thick Is the Watch?

The Submariner line of watches has a sapphire crystal that is slightly thinner than what the Sea Dweller uses, thus causing the Submariner to be lighter in weight and slightly smaller. Specifically, the Sea Dweller watch has a crystal that is about 4mm thicker than what the Submariner uses.

The sapphire crystal on both models is still strong enough to resist all sorts of scratches. The sapphire surface is strong enough to make it through many surfaces without being at risk of scratching, cracking or going through any other form of damage.

What Is the Cyclops?

The Cyclops feature is a point on the Submariner that is interesting to see. The Cyclops feature will magnify the date display on the watch. This is a point that is not featured on the Sea Dweller watch.

What Similarities Are There?

While there are plenty of differences between the Sea Dweller and Submariner lines of watches, there are a few similarities that deserve to be explored just as well:

  • Both watches feature perpetual motors to go with their self-winding controls.
  • 904L stainless steel is used for the case on these two models in most cases. This is known for resisting corrosion amazingly well. Some models for both lines are also made out of gold from Rolex’s private foundry.
  • The calendar mechanism on each watch is amazingly responsive. It can go from one date to the next at midnight with just one rotation.
  • The unidirectional bezel on each model lets divers memorize immersion times. The bezel will only move in a counterclockwise direction, thus ensuring that the timing on the watch is kept under control. This especially helps divers to let them know how much time they are spending underwater and if they have to get out for any reason.



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In summary, the Rolex Submariner is designed for those who enjoy diving but don’t go too far down in the water. The Sea Dweller is made with more intense diving functions in mind as it can handle deeper depths and can easily release pressure as necessary.

No matter what option you want to order, you can always go to Amazon to find a watch for your desire. Amazon has a variety of Rolex watches, including the Submariner and Sea Dweller models, on display for all sorts of special desires that you might hold when diving and looking for a great watch for the occasion.