Rolex Men’s Gold Yachtmaster


Rolex Yachtmaster And Yachmaster II

The Yachtmaster was built for sailing, but has been used by many simply as an exquisite dress-piece. Rolex has been connected to sailing since the 1950s, and there is clearly a connection between the privilidged worlds of luxury timepieces, and sailing.

Of course the appeal in the YM goes beyond just a symbol and statement of class. The high quality craftsmanship that you will have come to expect from any Swiss watches is noticeably present in the Yachtmaster. A watch that is designed to be taken on the seas needs to have some core qualities:

– It needs to be easily readable, with large hands hands, a clear dial, and clear, distinct numbers. Night visibility is also important.

– It needs to be made with very high quality steel in order to avoid saltwater rust.

– It needs to be reliable and accurate.

The Yachtmaster passes these requirements with flying colors, and its design makes it even more alluring.

The blue dials evoke the ocean, the overall design is casual yet practical, and the touch of class that only Rolex can add is present once again.

This is a watch that would be at home in a storm on the ocean seas, or relaxing by the fireplace in a Yacht-club lounge. For the more formal occasions, its still going to pass the test, being the symbol of someone with high class and taste.

The Yachmaster II takes all the features of its predecessor and goes a step further. It has the world’s first programmable countdown, and a mechanical memory. For those of you who understand how important it is to synchronize the start of a race, you’ll know why this is such a popular watch among Regatta racers.

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