Rolex Day-Date 18K Gold President


What Makes The Rolex Day-Date Special?

The Day-Date was the first watch to display the date. How’s that for innovation? Like so many of the other Rolex watches, something that we take for granted nowadays were first pioneered by Rolex back in the 1950s, in the case of the Day-Date, 1956.

While this is a great piece of history, it’s not reason enough to make a purchase in 2014. There’s got to be something more on offer, and of course, there is. The Day-Date is only available in Gold or Platinum. As Rolex themselves put it, these are the “most precious of all materials”.

This watch is designed with prestige, nobility, and exclusivity. That’s the way Rolex like it, and that’s the way we like it.

As they put it so well in the advert below, the Day-Date doesn’t just tell time, it tells history.

Of course, it also tells the day, and the date. It was also the first watch to feature the day spelled out in full. Even to this day there’s something satisfying about seeing “Monday” instead of simply “Mon”.

The Spirit Of The Day Date

Every Rolex has a different purpose and “theme”, with this one being leadership. It’s no secret that world leaders, innovators, and influencers have long worn Rolex watches, and that’s not just because of the high price a Rolex commands, but because of the prestige and quality that comes with it. When you put on a Day-Date, people take note.


You can choose from 18ct gold or 950 platinum for the case. For the strap, a stainless steel bracelet or leather strap with 18ct gold folding clasp is available.

There are even more variations for bezel and dial, so you can view more here, or check availability below.

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