Parnis Watch Reviews

Parnis watch reviews

Are you a gentleman in the watch market looking to add an elegant watch into your looks? Or maybe you are looking for a unique watch brand that will help you to stand out? Well, Parnis watches are exactly what you have been looking for. Parnis watches are some great pieces which have been manufactured by a Chinese company. Their types of watches range from simply fashionable watches to some sophisticated tactical watches. In this article, we are going to give you a detailed review of an example of some of their best watches that are currently in the market.

Parnis GMT Automatic

The Parnis GMT Automatic Watch is a universal model which is very popular among many of people worldwide. This watch has a casing made of a well built stainless steel material. It means that the watch is water resistant. With this watch, you can, therefore, be able to run comfortably around with light rain or drizzle without any fears of getting your phone spoilt. The material, however, is only water resistant up to a maximum of 30 meters.

This stainless steel material also comes in very handy in helping to keep the watch free from rust that could be caused by sweat or environmental moist. You should hence ensure that you do not overexpose or put the watch too deep into the water as this will ruin it. This casing has also been well polished to come up with an elegant color. This color allows the watch to blend perfectly with the rest of the colors of the materials that are making up this watch. The thickness of the Parnis GMT Automatic is 16 mm while its diameters measure 44 mm.

Manufacturers of this watch ensured that they kept the details of this watch as minimum as possible. The watch, therefore, features just the minutes and hours markings and then it has the date indicated in place of the 3 o’clock marking.

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Parnis Men’s Luxury Power Reserve

The Parnis Men’s Luxury Power Reserve automatic watch is another great masterpiece from the Parnis Company. This incredible piece features a light stainless steel casing. The diameter of this case measures 40 mm while its thickness is approximately 15 mm. The black dial inside was perfectly decorated with some bright green markings.

The markings are made of some luminous material and are very useful because it has will help you to be able to use the watch even in dark places. There are two different sub – dials on the dial while the 3 o’clock part of this watch displays the date. The band meanwhile is made of some superb quality leather material. This material has been well designed to ensure that the watch remains very comfortable on your wrist. Parnis Men’s Luxury Power Reserve watch also has the water resistant feature but only works up to 30 m after which some water might start leaking.

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Parnis Military Army Men’s Watch

If you were looking for a great looking sophisticated watch that has some style, then this is the one for you. This watch can display small seconds and power reserve in the two sub – dials located on the screen. On the 3 o’clock marking you will also find a display of the date. The surrounding casing of this watch has been made from a stainless steel material. The material will hence help to keep the watch rust free even if it remains exposed to your body sweat or atmospheric moist.

This material has a thickness of 12 mm and a 44 mm diameter. The brown genuine leather of its band helps to complete its fantastic look. Its color and designing are perfect enough to be able to match with almost everything that you have in your wardrobe! The watch is only water resistant to just 30 meters; therefore, you should try and avoid exposing it to too much water.

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From the above information you now know more about these great pieces from the Parnis Company. These watches will offer you not just good services but will also help to add some more taste to your entire outfit. Furthermore, the watches come with a very customer – friendly price tag and hence your tight budget should not hold you back from owning these watches. Therefore, make your order right away for any of these Parnis watches and we can assure you that their performance will be impressive.