Men’s Rolex Watches – Need We Say Any More?

We don’t need to give Rolex an introduction. You could call them the Rolls Royce of watches, but maybe calling RR the Rolex of cars might be more appropriate instead.

Swiss watches are incredibly well known for their quality. TAG Heuer, Longines, Tudor, IWC, Philippe Patek, to name a handful. Those brands would do well on any man’s wrist, but even they don’t come close to the level of Rolex watches in terms of brand familiarity. Even those timepieces that are more expensive than a Rolex can’t claim to be more famous.

rolex mens watches

Men love to wear them, women love to wear them, women love to see men wear them, there’s no bigger statement than wearing a Rolex. The price tag alone takes care of that.

Best Men’s Rolex Watches – Which Is The One For You?

With brands like these, it’s never a case of “Do I want one?” but instead “Which one do I want?”. There are quite a few different ones to choose from. Yacht lovers might choose the Yachtmaster, Divers might choose the Submariner.

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And when it comes to style, Rolex has got it covered. You KNOW you’ll be getting quality, you KNOW you’ll be getting something special. You KNOW you’ll love wearing it. The only question remains is; which one?

How Much Does A Rolex Cost?

They’re obviously not cheap, but the actual price depends upon the brand and the place you’re buying from. If you’re in the mood for pricing hunting and want a trustworthy source, Amazon provides a great starting point. They typically offer huge savings on their luxury watches, and you know they’re going to be reliable as well.

You can find a Rolex for less than $10,000, and you can find some for $25,000 and up. Again, it really depends on your choice of brand.



The more attractive ones, such as the Daytona white dial, will definitely cost more than $10,000.

To be perfectly honest, what I love about Rolex is that while you KNOW they are likely going to be the best watch you’ll ever buy, they’re not the most expensive at all. Yes, they’ll be out of the reach of most people, yes, they’ll break the bank for some people, but no, they’re not over-priced at all, and that’s what it really comes down to.

Top Rolex Watches For Men

While they’re aimed primarily at men, there are a good amount of lady’s watches too. Here are the few that we feel are the best Rolex watches for men.

 1. 18K Gold President




2. DateJust Jubilee Band


3. Gold Yachmaster



It’s a pretty objective list, as everyone will have their own favorites, but a good starting point for anyone serious about picking up their first Rolex.

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How Are Rolex Watches Made?

There’s a reason that Rolex, and all other luxury watches are so expensive and it’s not just a case of branding. Some watches have been known to take up to a year to produce.

That kind of artisan skill and labor justifies a high price.

On top of that, you’ve got the fact that product is limited compared to watches with a lower cost of manufacturing. When scarcity increases, so does price. The plus side of this means that your Rolex will be that much more exclusive.

Finally, you have the cost of materials. Rolex only uses the finest available to them, which of course means it costs them a lot to make.

What Kind Of Materials?

Well for one, they use a special steel that is really hard to use a machine on, and is really expensive. Why? because it looks better for one!

They have to replace all their machines and invested heavily in their science lab (yeah they have a science lab) to upgrade the steel they use, which is why nobody else in the industry uses it as well.

Is Any Of It Hand-Made?

A whole lot is hand-made. To be more precise, hand-assembled. The movements and bracelets of the watch are all hand-assembled, one of the reasons why it takes so long to make them.

In-House Gold

Rolex is pretty much obsessed with detail and quality, which is why they have their own in-house foundry and forging the gold. Yep. Quality, and expertise. Need we say more?

Only Fakes Cost Nothing

Want to know how to spot a fake Rolex? If it costs next to nothing, it’s fake. There’s no way that Rolex can physically produce a watch for that price, so nobody would be able to sell one for that price either.

Here’s a great video (admittedly a bit low quality) about the manufacturing process:

Who Is A Rolex Suitable For?

One thing that luxury brands love to do is produce watches for a certain type of person. You’ve got the Yachtmaster, which is perfect for a sailor, the Submariner, which is one of the best dive watches in existence, the Daytona, a driving watch, and that’s just a few of their more popular ones.

Don’t let the fact that these watches are produced for a specific purpose put you off though. Any Rolex works in a casual or formal setting as well. You don’t have to be a sailor to love the Yachtmaster, but if you are, then it’s an even greater asset.

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