Lucien Piccard Watch Review: The Timepiece of All Time

Best known for being created to perfection, Lucien Piccard watches combine precision, ingenuity, and artistry all at the same time. The watches that you flaunt about today were the brainchild of a Swiss man named Laussane. In the year 1923, he started earning reputation for stepping in to the world of watchmaking.

lucien piccard review

His efforts were the steppingstones of the today’s brand 90 years ago which is now famous for its unique quality and classic style.

It is quite evident that most of the celebrities preferred the watch of the brand among which the worth mentioning name is of Ava Gardner. The celebrity from England gifted a 14K gold watch to her paramour. The watch of that day is now being stored in the Ava museum.

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Lucien Piccard- Holding the tradition intact

All the watches of the brand are handcrafted

Handcrafting watches is the long tradition of this brand. This is the sole reason for which the timepiece has gained a spot on the wrists of the dignitaries, royals and celebrities all round the world. Another feature of the these watches is that they look pretty stylish even though these cost less in comparison to the style statement that those boast about.

First in the world brand to bring in slim revolution

In the earlier periods, watches used were gigantic in shape. As the brand had adorned the wrists of all eminent personalities in the world, it was necessary for the brand to innovate to continue to being one of the respected watches of all time. The quest for innovation led to development of slim watches. Almost all of the watchmakers in the world today follow this design which was invented by this brand.

Affordable since inception

As the watch is found in the hands of the revered personalities in the world, it doesn’t means that this is not affordable by common people. When you combine your personality with style, you add a unique blend to your character. The same concept applies to the watches of this brand.

Quality Craftsmanship of the brand

Integration of tradition with modern technology has always been the follow up culture of the brand

For manufacturing watches with modern technology, the brand has always hired young and talented people from all round the world. This proves that the changes in the modern times have deterred the brand to adapt to changes. In fact, the brand goes ahead of time with inventions and innovations.

Precious metals and stones are used in the watches to match the taste of people in the modern times

With time people have developed unique taste. The same is true for the fashion sense of people. To stay ahead of time the watchmaker uses gold (14K and 18K), stainless steel, precious stones, and diamonds. These precious materials used to such an extent that the watches remain affordable for people.

Dial and the case are made of genuine material which glitter quality and style

While fabricating the dial and the case of the watches, the watchmaker uses the genuine materials that shine the high level of craftsmanship of the brand. This because all the materials used in the watch are of high standard.

Highly reliable and solid when it is about telling you the time

To maintain the high standard of craftsmanship the watches are designed in such a way that you will always get to know the accurate time.


As per Lucien Piccard watch review, the collections of watches of the brand fall under two categories. Active and retired are the two categories of the collections.

Active collections

Breithorn, Diablons, Mulhacen, Cilindro, Pizzo, Classico, Excalibur, Petit Trou, Petit Rond, Alca, Veleta, Monte Viso and many more are some of the active collections of the brand.

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Retired collections

Celano, Bianco, Domineer, Alpha, Centennial, Capella, Gemma, Magnus and many more are some of the retired collections of the brand.

Where to buy the watches of Lucien Piccard?

You can visit to buy the watches of the brand. You can also get more information about the brand and various watches. You can follow the same website for reading reviews of the people who have already bought watches of the same brand.

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