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Best Timex Watch Reviews

Timex is in the list alongside several other age-old and respectable watchmakers. It’s a name known for producing the-best watches in the world. They have a history of brilliant innovation, simplicity, and timeless designs. With its exceptional watchmaking history in the industry of a strong 150 years and counting, and with a long list of […]

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Omega Vs. Rolex

Windows vs. Apple, Pepsi vs. coca cola, there are some brands that are doomed to be compared with each other throughout their lifetime and when it comes to watches, there will always be a Rolex vs. Omega debate. Both of these watches are from respected time pieces manufacturers in Swiss. Each has its passionate followers […]

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Seiko SKX009 Review

Seiko produced its first diver watch in the 1960’s, and the production has been made up to the present day. These watches are some of the most well-built and reliable automatic watches available not due to the price, but the durability and performance. Seiko skx009 has some unique features that make it an instant classic […]

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Are Ingersoll Watches Any Good? – An Ingersoll Watch Review

Ingersoll Watch Overview Steeped in tradition since the 1880’s, the Ingersoll brand has created one luxurious watch after another. Customers all throughout the world have grown to love and respect the company for their expertise and their dedication to a product which continues to be one of the very best available. This Ingersoll watch review […]

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