Emporio Armani Men’s AR5889 Sport Chronograph Silicone Accent Black Dial


What Makes This Emporio Armani Special?

Like the other Armani watches, it’s got a very sleek and attractive design. The “All black” look makes it particularly stand out, and it’s one of the most highly rated Emporio Armani watches out there.

It may look somewhat heavy, but it’s actually relatively light. Whether you’re wearing it casually or to a business meeting, both roles that it is well suited to, you won’t find it cumbersome at all.

What really represents the whole Emporio Armani range is their ability to look stylish and classy, yet casual and refined, all at the same time.

Leading Model

There are plenty of reviews on Amazon stating that this is the best of the bunch when it comes to Emporio. It’s the most highly rated of all watches there (and has a massive discount at Amazon as well!). Additionally, it looks just as good in real life as in the pictures, something that is not always true of watches in this price range.

When you have a brand as well known and reputable as Armani, you KNOW that you’re getting quality and design, but you are also expecting to pay a premium for it. This is not the case with their watch range. Yes, they’re more expensive than the average watch, but for a luxury watch they are incredibly affordable.

Silicone Accent

Just to explain this a little further, the case and bracelet themselves are stainless steel, but the bracelet has silicone “accent” down the sides. Most watches are solely stainless steel, this silicone addition just adds some flavor to the watch, and is partly the reason for its popularity over other models.

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