Emporio Armani Men’s AR5859 Sport White Silicone Silver (Sportivo)

emporio-armani-mens-white-chronographWhat Makes The Emporio Armani Sportivo Special?

For those who don’t want the black or stainless steel look, or for someone who just likes white, this is a standout candidate. There are not many white luxury watches that “work” as well as this one does.

The Sportivo is another example of Emporio’s amazing ability to combine sports and fashion. Virtually every watch in their range does this. You have clear chronograph dials and a date window combining to make excellent function. On top of that, the curves and design make this such an appealing watch to behold.

The white silicone silver adds an almost chrome feel to the case and bracelet. This watch DOES lean more towards the casual, sports usage, but that’s not to say you would feel out of place wearing it on formal occasions. One or two of the other Emporio Armani chronographs might be better in this situation though.

Features At A Glance:

– White bracelet with silicone silver accents

– White dial

– Stainless steel casing

– Chronograph

– Date display

– Three-link Bracelet

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Price wise, this is in the middle of the park for the Armani range. At $190 on Amazon (One of the cheapest places to find the watch), it’s excellent value for the design and quality you get. This is NOT one of the “Swiss-made” range that Armani produces, but being made by Fossil, it is still top quality and reliability.

Emporio Armani watches are increasingly popular among men and women who want to have some style and refinement, without being particularly extravagant or breaking the bank. This white version is a great entry-level watch into the world of luxury watches, and you can get your own piece of class for a fraction of the price you’d pay with other brands.

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