Emporio Armani Chronograph Mens Watch 5905


What Makes The 5905 Special?

I don’t know if it looks like something 007 would wear, or the dashboard of a car, but it just looks very sleek and classy. This watch is a mixture of function and refinement. The three dials in the middle for the chronograph combine well with the date reader to make a watch that looks as good as this, and is simple to read. You don’t want to overdo it when it comes to function vs style.

The rose gold casing adds a certain touch to this watch that’s hard to place. It just WORKS.

Sporty And Classy

There are a lot of watches out there which combine sportiness with style, and this is definitely one of them. As most men prefer a watch that can be at home in the clubhouse, at a formal dinner, or on a lazy Sunday drive, this is one designed with that type of man in mind.

Exceedingly Well Priced

With the name ‘Armani’ you can always feel that quality is going to be assured. However, when it comes to elegant watches, Emporio Armani are actually in the lower price range. If you compare the price with a Rolex, you’ll be amazed. You’d think that this reduced price would result in a trade-off with quality, but as you can see, this has not been the case.

The rest of the Emporio Armani watch range is the same. Great design, great quality, and inexpensive enough to be a suitable “entry-level” watch for many people looking to make an extra impression.

While Armani is not a Swiss company, the Emporio Armani range DOES contain some Swiss-made watches. As well as the Swiss ones, American-based Fossil Inc. also manufactures a lot of watches, and EA is one of them.

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