Citizen Eco-Drive Nighthawk


What Makes It Special?

A great watch for a pilot or anybody with aviation interests, with the ability to perform flight calculations. It also has a low charge warning, and great readability. The sleek design tops this off and adds some serious style.

This is not just a watch for professional pilots. Even novices can get great use out of it, and the price range makes it accessible to all levels as well.

Key features include a pilots’ slide rule dial, and luminous and large hands and numerals for easy visibility. Most specialist watches, such as sailing, racing, aviation, or dive watches are known for their readability, and the Nighthawk fits perfectly into this category.

Equally important in the readability of this watch is the fact is has non-reflective crystal.


The Citizen Eco-Drive Nighthawk is a light powered watch. This means you don’t need any batteries whatsoever. Citizen has pioneered and developed this technology over a period of many years and the Eco-Drive range is incredibly well known.

While battery replacement isn’t usually a make or break when choosing your watch, it’s a great additional feature to have. Any source of light is enough to keep the Eco-Drive powered and running, but even during the night stored power will keep things going.

For more information on the charging speeds of this particular watch, check out the official recharging guide over at Citizen.


As with most watches, there is more than one model of Nighthawk. The most notable differences are stainless steel, titanium, black ion plated, and leather strapped versions. You can also find a few different variations depending on which continent you are in.

The most common are the US versions, but there are also different Asian and Japan – specific models as well. More info here.

Check the video below for a review of the Nighthawk.

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