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Omega Vs. Rolex

Windows vs. Apple, Pepsi vs. coca cola, there are some brands that are doomed to be compared with each other throughout their lifetime and when it comes to watches, there will always be a Rolex vs. Omega debate. Both of these watches are from respected time pieces manufacturers in Swiss. Each has its passionate followers […]

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Invicta Watches Review

One of the leading watch brands on the market is Invicta. The Invicta watches are known for the design and high performance. The watches are high-quality, and they are known to be developed for various outdoor activities. The Invicta watches stand as the few watches that are stylish and used for diving. Here is a […]

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The Top 5 Wohler Wristwatches Reviewed

Let’s face it, the days when watches were considered a simple instrument via which one can only know the time are long gone. This highly essential timepiece has evolved into an even much more needed accessory that certainly complements anybody’s style statement. There’s no doubting the fact that it has become a sought after fashion […]

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Frederique Constant Review

Frederique Constant is a somewhat new Swiss brand; formed by Peter Stas and Aletta Bax in 1988 (the brand name is from Peter and Aletta’s middle names respectively). From the start, the firm was dedicated to making mechanical wristwatches produced in Switzerland at an inexpensive price range, along with the Classics Production entirely embodies this […]

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Best Swiss Watches

Before we take a lot at some of the best Swiss watches, let’s consider what even qualifies a watch for being “Swiss”. A watch is considered Swiss whose movement is encased in Switzerland and final control by the manufacturer is taken in Switzerland. A watch is considered Swiss, according to the Swiss law if: its […]

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