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Best Holiday Gifts 2017: Women’s Watches

Watches are the perfect gift for everyone this holiday season. Our top picks below for women will be a great addition in any wardrobe. These watches are unique, timeless, and make great gifts! AARK Collective Eclipse Watch The AARK Collective Eclipse Watch is simple, modern, and elegant. It’s great for the workplace or for a […]

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Best Dive Watches

Dive watches, as the name suggests, were designed for underwater activities but with the passage of time there are some models which are now considered as collector’s items worth thousands of dollars. For a diving enthusiast, a perfect diving watch must have resistance withstanding at least 20m of pressure and the ability to work unaffected […]

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Best Swiss Watches

Before we take a lot at some of the best Swiss watches, let’s consider what even qualifies a watch for being “Swiss”. A watch is considered Swiss whose movement is encased in Switzerland and final control by the manufacturer is taken in Switzerland. A watch is considered Swiss, according to the Swiss law if: its […]

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What Is A Diver’s Watch?

Diver’s watches have been “cool” for a long time. Just like children like to compete about how water resistant their watches are, and which one can go under water further, the high-end watches compete on a much higher scale. Diver’s watches are more than just tools used for divers, they’re statements by themselves, often worn […]

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​Why Are Luxury Watch Prices So High?

There’s a lot more than just a brand name behind the prices of luxury watches. Craftsmanship, exclusivity, materials, production time, and future maintenance costs are all factored into the price. It’s just not possible to produce such works of art without a high cost. Of course, profit margins are going to be high as well, […]

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