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Seiko SKX009 Review

Seiko produced its first diver watch in the 1960’s, and the production has been made up to the present day. These watches are some of the most well-built and reliable automatic watches available not due to the price, but the durability and performance. Seiko skx009 has some unique features that make it an instant classic […]

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Invicta Watches Review

One of the leading watch brands on the market is Invicta. The Invicta watches are known for the design and high performance. The watches are high-quality, and they are known to be developed for various outdoor activities. The Invicta watches stand as the few watches that are stylish and used for diving. Here is a […]

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Rolex Sea Dweller vs Submariner

The and lines are beautiful diver’s watch lines that feature some of the most durable watches around. These are watches designed to handle water and can go hundreds of meters down into the water and still work. However, these two lines are different from one another in a variety of ways. These are both ideal […]

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Best Dive Watches

Dive watches, as the name suggests, were designed for underwater activities but with the passage of time there are some models which are now considered as collector’s items worth thousands of dollars. For a diving enthusiast, a perfect diving watch must have resistance withstanding at least 20m of pressure and the ability to work unaffected […]

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