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Citizen Watches For Men

Citizen might come from Japan, but it has the class and quality of a Swiss watch company. That’s not a dig at Japanese watches by any means, it’s just a fact that Switzerland is where the best watches (and cookoo clocks) come from. There’s no doubt though that Citizen watches for men are among the […]

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Citizen Eco Drive For Men

The Citizen Eco-Drive is one of the most popular watches for men. My first “real” watch (one that had a brand name and wasn’t a cheap throwaway watch) was an Eco-Drive, and it reignited my childhood obsession with watches. I guess its purchase ultimately led to this blog’s creation. Mine was a chronograph, and I […]

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Citzen Eco-Drive Day Date Casual

What This Eco Drive Day Date Special? There’s a combination of sleek design, easy readability, and reliability that makes this watch casual yet classy. This Citizen Eco-Drive takes sporty to a new level by making a watch that would be just as comfortable as a smart-casual dress piece. The balance between large numbers, readability, and smooth […]

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Citizen Quartz Sports Chronograph

What Makes The Quartz Sports Chronograph Special? It’s just a well designed, high quality, stylish watch. Citizen chronographs are incredibly popular for that reason. This watch is powered by quartz, which is well known to be one of the most reliable power sources for watches. Of course, when it comes to Citizen nothing is more powerful […]

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Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph Sport Strap

What Makes The Citizen Men’s Sports Chronograph Special? A combination of quality, class, and the price tag makes this one of Citizen’s most popular models. This is officially described as a sports watch, and the variation in the picture is combined with the “sports strap”. The  AT0810-12E is one of Citizen’s most popular models and it’s […]

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Citizen Eco-Drive Nighthawk

What Makes It Special? A great watch for a pilot or anybody with aviation interests, with the ability to perform flight calculations. It also has a low charge warning, and great readability. The sleek design tops this off and adds some serious style. This is not just a watch for professional pilots. Even novices can […]

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