Balmer Watches Review: Do They Live Up To Their Swiss Reputation?

balmer watch reviews
If you’re looking to invest in a stylish, luxury watch, you may be tempted to purchase a Balmer watch. To find out why Balmer watches are so highly sought after, continue reading to discover 7 reasons why you should consider purchasing a Balmer watch.

Want The Best Balmer Watches?

Our favorite is the E-Type (featured below). You can learn more from this article, or head over to Amazon and read more real user reviews.

The advantages of purchasing a Balmer watch:

1. Balmer watches are Swiss made

Whilst Swiss made watches are typically more expensive than watches that are made in other parts of the world such as China, Swiss watches are worth every penny of their asking price as the Swiss specialize in fine tuning the mechanics of watches and have a lengthy history crafting the world’s finest watches. Best of all, Swiss watches are constructed to last a lifetime.

2. Balmer watches have a timeless aesthetic

If you’re looking to purchase a classic, stylish watch that will look as good on your wrist in five years time as it does when you first take it out of its box and try it on, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. Whilst Balmer offers an extensive range of watches, every watch in Balmer’s collection is an analogue watch and boasts a sophisticated, classic look that can take you from the boardroom to dinner with your family.

3. Balmer watches are comprised of the finest quality pieces

Balmer watches feature sturdy stainless steel, precious sapphire crystals and soft genuine leather.

4. Balmer offers a watch to suit every man

If you like the look of classic leather wrist watches, you may be interested in the E-Type, the Atalante, the Veyron or the Aventador, which are all named after luxury sports cars or the Gran Turismo. The latter of which is a vintage design Swiss chronograph and is named after the legendary GT racing circuit. It also goes without saying that each model which features a leather wrist strap, features a 100% leather wrist strap. Rest assured that you’ll never find a faux leather wrist strap on a genuine Balmer watch.
If you prefer the look of watches which boast stainless steel wrist straps, you may prefer the look of the Viper or the Phantom I. The Viper is a popular model which comes in a variety of colors, however the most striking color combination available it without a doubt the black stainless steel link bracelet, with a black watch face and gold details. Better yet, all of Balmer’s watches come in a variety of color combinations.
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5. Balmer watches are water resistant

Whether you’re a jetsetter who spends plenty of time exploring exotic island locales or you spend a lot of time out on the open water, you won’t have to worry about your new Balmer watch getting splashed as each and every Balmer watch is water resistant. In fact, you should be able to swim or scuba dive with a Balmer watch on your wrist, although it may not be recommended.

6. Balmer watches give you more information than just the time

Each Balmer watch features a visible date window as well as a sun dial. Useful features that you won’t find on a lot of modern watches. So if you’re the type of man, who occasionally forgets which day it is, it’s worth considering purchasing a Balmer wrist watch.

7. Balmer watches offer exceptional battery life

Balmer’s chronograph watches offer exceptional battery life. As an example, the E-Type model boasts a battery life of 54 months. If you’re curious as to how the E-Type manages to boast a battery life of 54 hours, it may be in part due to the model’s innovative power saving mechanism, which reduces battery consumption by approximately 70%. So if you don’t want to worry about having to replace a watch’s battery for several years, it’s well worth considering purchasing a Balmer model.
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Purchasing a Balmer watch:

Where can you purchase a genuine Balmer wrist watch? If, you’re sold on the idea of purchasing your very own Balmer watch, simply visit, in order to browse the various models which are available.
So if you’re looking to purchase a high quality, luxury watch that will grace you wrist for years to come, you won’t regret purchasing a Balmer watch. Best of all, you’ll be able to wear your Balmer watch on a day to day basis as a classic Balmer watch can be worn in both informal and formal situations.
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Want The Best Balmer Watches?

Our favorite is the E-Type (featured below). You can learn more from this article, or head over to Amazon and read more real user reviews.

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