Are Stuhrling Watches Junk? Here’s Our Review

Updated March 2017

Are Stuhrling watches junk? No. They are ideal for anyone looking for a watch to use at the gym or for formal affairs.

stuhrling watch reviews - not junk

Furthermore, the manufacturer has made a point to maintain the price of these watches at the lowest level and this makes the watches quite accessible. There’s no need to question Sturhling watch quality, and the following are among the best Stuhrling watches available in the market and their both positive and negative points.

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Overview Of The Brand

Stuhrling is one of those watch brands that can sometimes attract criticism simply because of the fact that it’s not a Swiss brand. The company was founded in 1999 in America, but chose the name Sturhling in memory of famous watchmaker Max Sturhling, who was indeed born in Switzerland.

The products themselves are made in China, but again, does that mean they are junk? Remember that many luxury brands these days are also made there. This is what the review below will determine; whether or not Sturhling watches really do adhere to the standards of Swiss watch making, as the brand claims.


Our Top Choice - Aquadiver Regatta Champion

It's got the style, craftsmanship, and quality of a much higher priced brand, and is one of the ultimate "value buys" out there.​

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Watch Quality – Does It Matter Where It’s Made?

Hands down, watches made in Switzerland are the leaders in the industry. However, does that mean a watch HAS to be Swiss to be worth purchasing?

Absolutely not. Citizen, Seiko, and even Orient are among the very popular brands out there that are also not Swiss, so if the fact they are made in China is putting you off, rest assured that Sturhling is not a junk brand.

The watches come in decent condition, in nice packaging, and will likely last for a good few years, as you would expect.

When it comes to watches in this price-range, the real questions are, does it look good? Does it maintain its quality for a few years? And of course, is it well made?

The answer to all of the above questions is a resounding yes, and you can read many positive reviews on Amazon to attest to this as well.

The Top Stuhrling Watches

1. Stuhrling Original-395.33U16, the Aquadiver Regatta Champion

This men’s watch is great for professional divers. This type of watch features thickly marked dates as well as sword point markers which make it easier for the users to check the time. The watch is available in two main designs: the silver and the blue designs. The two designs feature unidirectional blue bezel which is essential for people desiring to check the time much faster. In addition, this watch has date window at the four o’clock.

The watch’s bracelet-style strap has simple clasp and push buttons and it’s also solid and it doesn’t fall off easily. It’s dial has four Arabic numerals which include 3, 6, 9, & 12 positions. This watch is also water-resistant up to 200 meters. Overall, this watch is among the best diver watches.

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2. Stuhrling Original-Classic Swiss Quartz Watch

The Stuhrling Original, the Classic Swiss Watch is a simple but sophisticated watch for all men. This super-thin unisex watch has been designed to be used for ideal for both casual and formal occasions. It boasts of precise swiss-quartz movement. It is also a slim, lightweight and a water resistant watch.

The watch can fit around thick and thin wrists easily mainly because of its adjustable leather strap which has a sturdier clasp. This watch also has a white dial has a black marker that makes reading the time easier. Its look is also uncluttered. But even though there are people who complain that this watch has a very simple design, the Stuhrling Original 601.33152 Classic Watch is a complete worth noting.

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3. Stuhrling Aquadiver Swiss Quartz

The Stuhrling Original-395.33B11 Aquadiver Swiss watch is a silver-made watch that has a chunky and bezel set of markers. Underwater, this watch is very easy to read – this is one of its major benefits. Checking time on the analog watch becomes a breeze due to its black & white combination. This Swiss watch is water-resistant to around 200 meters. It feels quite heavy around your wrist unless you have quite a thick wrist, you will need to adjust it to fit properly.

The markers on this watch glow and this feature make it easier to read the time in dimmer rooms. It has a date function at the 4 o’clock whichadds value to the watch’s look and functionality. It is definitely among the best watches in the men’s category. It is modestly priced particularly after considering its many features.

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4. Stuhrling Aquadiver Sport Men’s Watch

Stuhrling Aquadiver Sport Men’s Watch
The Stuhrling Original-706.01, the Aquadiver Sport Men’s Watch is designed particularly for people who love watersports like diving. This watch is a water resistant for up to around 200 meters. The watch has sturdier quartz movements which powers it. Its face is also easier to read.

The Original men’s watch has thick baton-like markers together with sword-like hands which make it easier to check the time including when you are underwater. To resist scratching, the watch contains Krystena crystal on its dial – this helps in dealing with the day to day wear & tear.

The watch in addition has a uni-directional ratcheting bezel that is more stylish. Its rubber straps are hypo allergic a feature that makes them ideal for people with sensitive skins particularly those who don’t like metallic watches. It is perfect for most of the water related activities. The Stuhrling Original 706.01 Sport Men’s Watch is around for around 50 dollars.

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5. Stuhrling Original-133.33151 Symphony Aristocrat Automatic

This men’s watch has a great skeleton dial that features a black leather strap. This watch’s also has stripped skeleton partially seen through its full glory and also continues on its back. Moreover, this watch does not require any batteries to function – it’s self-winding and when necessary, you can also wind it manually. It has a second dial at the six o’clock which is a second retrograde.

Its thick silver markers also helps this watch indicate the time perfectly. Some people have referred to this watch as too messy. But the watch has unusual beauty.

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6. Stuhrling Original-127A.3315C2

This is another watch for all men from the Stuhrling collection. Its beauty lays in its clean and pure simplicity that show the watch’s mechanism to the perfectly naked form. The watch has beautiful polished convex-bezel that holds the stainless steel crown that helps the user to set time easily.

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Our Top Choice - Aquadiver Regatta Champion

The Aquadiver Regatta Champion is our personal favorite Sturhling. 

It's got the style, craftsmanship, and quality of a much higher priced brand, and is one of the ultimate "value buys" out there.​

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Pintu Biswas - September 1, 2016

I’ve try to buy Stuhrling-395.33U16, thanks for reviews,
tomorrow I ordered it

Barbara Eisenhower - January 1, 2017

I love these watches! I have 4 of them. They’re quality watches. Sturdy and well made. They look expensive, but are very affordable. I would highly recommend Stuhrling watches for yourself or as a gift!

Arles Gatmaitan - January 13, 2017

Honestly, i love the watch, i acquired 1 aquadiver regatta and i’ve been using it for 2years already with very much satisfaction aside from its elegant and expensive looks,never had any problems at all… i will recommend this watch.. more power stuhrling!

Al Jepsen - February 5, 2017

I was given a Stuhrling Delphi 657.02 as a gift. I had heard that Stuhrling watches were junk. Well this watch is beautiful with very intricate clean design. It is an automatic and has been keeping exceptional time, as well as my Sieko and Belair autos ! I give Stuhrling a thumbs up !!

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