Hello everyone, 

My name's Dominic Wells and I'm glad you took the time to visit my site and learn more about me too.

I can remember way back to when I received my first ever watch, a very simple digital Casio for my 8th birthday. I've worn one ever since, although it's safe to say I've upgraded slightly from the Casio.

I very rarely go out without a watch (only when I'm running late, ironically) and just like you might feel uncomfortable all day if you leave the house without brushing your teeth, I'll feel the same when watchless.

No timepiece no peace!

It probably wasn't until my 25th birthday that I received my first real quality watch. It was a Citizen chronograph - not the highest priced watch in the world, but quality enough to get me interested in real quality watches. It seems obvious really that a watch is more than just a statement, but an extension of your personality as well.

While some people might only throw on their watch for parties or to impress somebody, I firmly believe that a watch should live on your wrist as much as possible, save for showering, sleeping, and sports. If it's going to spend so much time with you, why not make it reflect who you truly are?

There's no need to take the route straight to Rolex or Tudor, when there is such a plethora of quality out there. Find something that really says "Hey, this is me, I wear a [Brand]".

Reading this, you can get a good idea into my philosophy here at WatchingElegance.com. As I grow the site, and showcase/review as many watches as possible, while blogging about the merits of various brands and designs, I hope that you'll contribute your own thoughts and impressions too.

After all, if a watch reflects a personality, the more personalities that contribute to the engagement on this site, the better.

If you're not at all familiar with the site, I suggest you start out by heading to the latest posts section, or moving to the portfolio sections to see what's being showcased right now.

Thanks for visiting,



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